Content Acquisition & Innovation Watch

Sourcing and negotiating accurate video content for streaming and traditional platforms to reach new customers and engage more with their current audience

Performing innovation watch for US & European companies willing to explore new ventures on both continents or wanting to stay up-to-date on their global ecosystem

Organizing learning expeditions in tech hubs located in US & Europe to facilitate business opportunities on both continents

Hollywood has been the home of the film industry for more than a century, and in recent years, the tech scene has become essential to that ecosystem.

RAW Research & Media helps you navigate within this content jungle. With more than 15 years of experience in the licensing of video content for streaming platforms, we offer you a global approach for your acquisitions. Our goal is to help you build long-term partnerships.

We also offer companies and startups on both sides of the Atlantic an innovation watch service and learning expeditions in key companies in the Californian and European ecosystems. Our global network allows you to connect with the best professionals of the industry.