graphiC DESIGN Print/Digital

Brand indentity
Corporate Style
E-business platform
Digital design
for social media campaigns
Videos : shooting, editing
Photo retouche
Operational marketing
Booth design
Event marketing
(concept, invitations, etc.)

Suleyman YAZKI
7 years of experience

If a marketing strategy is an essential base for your next professionnal projects, the way you will show your products/services is an important element. One of the most important thing for a company is to be seen and perceived by the the right people at the right moment. Graphic design helps to catch eyes and to communicate your message with strength and intelligence. Suleyman Yazki is the necessary expert for the visual design projects of your establishment here in Los Angeles.

Through his work and the experiences he gained in the digital and cinema’s industry, Suleyman became a recognized design professionnal in the city of angels and specifically in some artistical organizations and corporate companies, like Venice Arts, Fox studios, Warner studio…

Our expert will be able to offer you the right creative direction for the recognition of your brand, your products and your services through impactful designs at the heart of L.A.