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Roy & Co, Inc. 

Tax advice
Tax management of foreign assets
Choice of tax entity
Tax return for companies and individuals
Taxation of non-residents
Accounting review and organization of the back office
Employee salaries and wages and filling

Franck ROY
20 years of experience

It is important to understand the impact of taxes at the time you occur any transaction. Indeed, local and international tax regulations are complex and require special attention and in-depth knowledge on the subject. Franck ROY guides you on the French and US tax rights and explores all possible angles to reconcile taxation in each country, allowing you to add value and preserve your assets.

Whether residents or non-residents of the country, every transaction has tax implications, whether a formation of a company, an acquisition, a sale or even restructure a business. Understanding and planning for these implications mitigate the inherent risks and can pave the way for alternatives and possible new opportunities.