As globalization expands, a unique population is increasing at a rapid pace. One known as Global citizens. Whether it is a French citizen living in the US, an American expatriate living in Madrid or a Chinese family with businesses in Europe and in the US, these people will spend most of their lives traveling between several countries.

These global citizens have created a specific niche in wealth management, known as Cross-border wealth planning. However, based on the inherent complexity of many situations, it has been difficult for this unique population to find expert advice. 


First, tax laws, retirement plans, insurance and investment management are unique to each country. Second, every nation has a different business culture. Finally, global citizens are mobile by definition, which makes it more difficult for a wealth manager to define long-term objectives. 

On the other hand, global citizens are dynamic people seeking opportunities and quality of life, which make them a fascinating group to work with. 

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That apply to cross-border wealth planning situations are as follow:

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  • Global citizens need to make a full inventory of all assets they own globally.
  • They need to review all investments, insurance policies, retirement and pension plans.
  • They have to develop point to point financial planning strategies and make short-term and medium-term goals with the help of a wealth manager.
  • Global citizens should consult with a tax professional specializing in international taxation and with an immigration lawyer.


Cross-border wealth planning requires the collaboration of several professionals with a wealth manager who understands the specific needs and objective of his or her client. One of the most important objectives of making a strategic plan is to maximize the financial potential of the client, minimize the tax liability, control expenses and avoid predicable errors.


Author : Stefan SALDIVIA, MS, CFP ® - Global Wealth Manager
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