Art Director & motion designer

Suleyman YAZKI is an Art Director and Motion Designer working between Los Angeles and Paris on the production of films and motion graphics. Many industries solicit his services specifically when it is about title design for films and video games, type design and branding. His passion is linked to the visual narration, combining visual design experience, post-production and geometrics’ shape love.

Graduated from the ESAAB university in France, Suleyman completed its studies with an M.A. major in graphic Design. Under the creative direction of Liza Enebeis, he joins the famous Netherlands based studio Dumbar in 2013. In 2014, he left Paris to live in Los Angeles and to join one of the most recognized motion graphics studio under the creative direction of Kyle Cooper: Prologue Films.

His philosophy is to engage clients and collaborators in a stimulating, intelligent, and innovative creative reflection through print, digital and motion design. It is more specifically about to identify some cultural, philosophical, political, or scientific notions. The final aim is to realize more than simples communication tools, but impactful, strong and intelligent images and signs.